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Empower Growth

Tracking the athlete and coach:
Monitoring the performance of our athletes and coaches according to the metrics defined for the athletes or the coaches' team.

Intermediate with the clubs in order to help the athlete, coach and the training club

Our Structure:

Technical department
Responsible for monitoring new talent and mapping the best soccer/futsal  players in USA and Brazil, with critical deepening in technical and market analysis.

Commercial department
Responsible for negotiating or renegotiating the conclusion, amendment or renewal of employment contracts, sports training and transfer of players in the national and international market with clubs. Also, responsible to brand activations and leads. 

Responsible for managing the image and reputation of our players and brands, mainly in the digital environment.

Zego Select Squad.webp


This is our Select Squad section. It's a great place to introduce our team and show what makes them special!

"Magic Comes with Dedication" 

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